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Buying a house in London, Ontario

Buying a home is one of life's largest investments and there are always questions and concerns involved. A great real estate agent is with you throughout the process, available to offer you important resources on common issues like school zones, garbage day collection, and bus routes, to providing answers for bigger cares like neighbourhood by-laws, property taxes, and legal information. That's what Homes Across London is all about.

Aside from being a practical and essential asset, we will also work relentlesssly towards finding you the perfect home in London, Ontario. With extensive listings and a keen system for narrowing down the features you find important in a home, we'll keep your best interests (and your budget!) in mind. During your search for a house, you will receive helpful, honest advice and a guiding hand at each turn.

The benefits don't end once you find your dream home and sign the papers – you still have a lot of new things to consider like renovations and maintenance. We're available to help you find up-to-date information on building permits and restrictions, and even to offer you some directory assistance for a great plumber in your area, should you need it.

Buying a home is simply too important to leave to chance. With Homes Across London, you won't have to worry about shady deals or the unknowns of making a purchase directly from a homeowner – we make a point of honest sales and client satisfaction.

We'll find you the perfect home for the right price ... that's a promise!

Buying Tools & Resources

Mortgage Calculator

Calculate your mortgage payments and see how you can save thousands of dollars in interest costs - while paying down your mortgage sooner!
Mortgage Calculator

Debt Service Calculator

A tool that allows homebuyers to evaluate their financial situation and understand how much they can comfortably afford to spend on a mortgage.
Debt Service Calculator

Premium Calculator

A tool to help you estimate the premium payable when you are purchasing a home. Simply enter the purchase price, down payment and the amortization period.
Premium Calculator

Land transfer tax calculator

Buying or Selling a home in Ontario? This website is a quick reference and land transfer tax calculator for real estate consumers.
Land transfer tax calculator

Government programs for first time home buyers

From the Home Buyers Plan (HBP) to the Land Transfer Tax Refund, Ontario provides many benefits to first time (and other) home buyers.
Government Programs

Home Inspectors

While it used to be the norm to wait until your offer to purchase was accepted, more and more people - especially those who've had a bad experience with a previous home inspector - realize hiring an inspector takes time and research and, if possible, should be done before an offer to purchase is prepared.
Tips on hiring a home inspector.
List of home inspectors

Home Insurance

Home insurance can be a financial lifesaver when Mother Nature wreaks havoc on your abode. But simply purchasing a policy doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be sheltered from the potential financial fallout after a storm hits. What if your roof gets wrecked? Or a tree in your yard falls over and lands on your neighbour’s property, damaging his home, or worse, injuring the homeowner himself? How about if your basement is leaky or gets flooded?
5 Things to know about home insurance


Frequently, Canadian home buyers don’t bring in a lawyer until a deal is done. We sign on the dotted line, then take our purchase agreement to a lawyer who does a title search, registers the deed and handles the transfer of funds. We know we need a lawyer to do this but no one wants to spend any more on legal fees than they have to, right? As it turns out, hiring the right lawyer, early in the home-buying process, can actually save you time, risk and most importantly, money.
Home Buyers: What should a real estate lawyer do for you?

Closing Costs

It is important to be fully aware of all the costs involved in buying a home, preferably before you go house hunting! Knowing in advance what these additional “costs” are, over and above the down payment that you might have, will help you plan for a smooth closing and avoid any unpleasant surprises. You should allow at least 1.5% of the purchase price for closing costs although we recommend approximately 2% to be on the safe side.
Closing Costs - What you can Expect


Much of the stress that comes with moving can be relieved by hiring the right people to do the job. When choosing a moving company, it is wise to do some research before making a selection, and to ask your family and friends for the names of companies they recommend. It is also useful to call organizations such as the Better Business Bureau for a list of suggested movers. You may want to find out if the mover is a member of an association of movers or a certified reputable mover program.
The Consumer Checklist for Choosing a Moving Company


Electricity is delivered to your home and business by the local distribution company, also called your local utility. Your local utility is also the company that bills you for the electricity you use.
Pick an Electric Utility company
Select your Gas Utility company
Pick a Phone company
Pick an Internet service provider (ISP)

Buyer's Agent

A buyer's agent is a great service to have when purchasing a new home. Typically the agency is a real estate company such as this one. Buyer's agents will help you make offers, help with communications with many sellers and a variety of other services.
Contact us for representation

House hunting checklist

Download our home buyers checklist. Never forget to take a copy when visiting a new house. It's easy to forget the details and your impressions when faced with an exciting new property.
Home Buyers Checklist

Helpful Real Estate Apps

More Moving Resources